Buzzy and kody Kerbox:  Private Surf Instruction and Guides


Get in the ocean, be safe and spend your time enveloped in nature’s wonders.


There are many options to choose from when booking a surf lesson. The reality is though that not all surf schools are created equal.  Many times a surf school will use a big name to attract students, only to find yourself in a large group with an inexperienced instructor who is unable to give you personal attention.

When you book a lesson with the Kerbox’s, you receive personal and direct instruction from Buzzy and Kody, two generations of world-class watermen who continue to push the limits to this day.  We will customize the lesson plan based on your ability level, offering personal instruction in a friendly, relaxed setting.

We will take you to the finest surf spots on Oahu and Maui. 


Buzzy Kerbox has been a household name to surfers since the early 70s with a surfing resume that is among the greats of the sport.  A few things that I’m proud of:

  • One of the first legitimate professional world tour surfers
  • Pioneered Tow-in surfing on Maui
  • Set a world record for paddling across the English channel


Kody Kerbox is already making impressions as one of the world’s premier stand up paddle athletes. Kody travels the world competing in both surfing and racing as one of the Naish team riders.  When he isn’t travelling abroad he spends his time back home on Maui coaching students and using local knowledge to show visitors the best rides of their lives.  


We offer a variety of options based on your budget and time requirements.

Choose between shortboard, longboard, and SUP.


    90 minutes  $85.00 per person
    Half Day                 
    Full Day       
    Muti Day


    90 minutes   $200.00
    Half Day       $500.00
    Full Day       $1,000.00

SUP Tours

One of the fastest-growing activities in the world is the sport of stand up paddle boarding.  Whether out on the open ocean or a calm inland lake, the feeling of standing on water is not only exhilarating but is also fantastic exercise.  

We will show you the proper technique out on the ocean which will prepare you well for paddling in any condition out there.  Learn and explore with two of the most knowledgeable and experienced paddlers around.

Join us on a classic tour of some of the best locations on both Maui and Oahu’s coastline.

Sample Adventures:

        Oahu Winter

Surf or SUP the North Shore- Sunset Beach, Velzyland, Haleiwa or all three in a day or as a progressive tour throughout your trip. Take advantage of decades' worth of local knowledge to go to the best spot for the day depending on wind, swell, and tide conditions. Surf like a local.

        Oahu Summer

Launch standup boards from three tables beach on the North shore , paddle around to the little rocky islands outside Waimea bay. Dock the boards, explore the little island, jump off the rocks into the crystal clear water or just bathe in the beauty of the islands. The view into Waimea valley from there is one to remember. There is a lot of coastline and this is our backyard. Sometimes you can swim with the dolphins and turtles - this is a great trip for a group with varying skills.

For the more experienced, start at Sunset beach and paddle downwind at a leisurely or challenging pace. You choose. Cruise the North shore arguably one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Meet in historic Haleiwa town, gear up, choose your equipment and you are ready to get in the water. It's a perfect morning session. Spend the rest of your day tooling around this eccentric, quintessential surf town. A great day on the North shore.

          Maui  Winter

Experience a challenging "downwinder". Launch from Maliko on the North shore. Ride and glide with the wind and swell down the stunning coastline packed with vibrant marine life all the way seven miles down to Kanaha or as long as you can make it. We will work on strokes and techniques as we go.

For the intermediate surfer, make a day of it and surf Maui's famous breaks such as Honolua Bay, Hookipa  or Kanaha.

          Maui Year Round

Learn to surf on Maui's South shore. Meet just past Launiupoko park. Here we will start with comprehensive beach instruction, then jump in the water to begin riding the small fun rolling waves. Most first-timers are catching waves by the end of the session; many get up on their first wave. This is great for the whole family or for a couple.

SUP paddle from Maui across the channel to Molokai. This is a serious run requiring a chase boat. Kody and Buzzy have crossed this channel many times. Not an easy crossing. Only for the serious and in shape paddler.    

Whether a 90 minute refresher or a full day immersion, make the most of your Hawaii time with a productive lesson. We are a not a large surf school with a staff of varying experience. When you call us, you get us, and a highly personalized, unique experience... And maybe a story or two!  


About SUP

Stand up Paddling or Paddle Boarding

SUP is said to be the fastest growing watersport in the world. Learn the basics with us then take your skills and use them on any lakes, rivers and streams through out the world.

SUP is a fun and easy way to get out on the water while building your core strength and fitness. Most basic skills are easy to learn in under 10 minutes.

You learn balance, coordination, and get great exercise. Young and old alike will enjoy this activity.  You can also feel the thrill of riding a wave with much more ease than on a surfboard.