Public Speaking

Is your organization looking for an exciting, inspirational, and thought-provoking speaker at your next event?   Receive stories and wisdom from 40+ years of surfing around the world.  Learn about my efforts spearheading an entirely new level of big-wave surfing with the tow-in revolution at Jaws.  Hear about how I pushed the limits of what people can accomplish as I set records on the water through a variety of disciplines.

I will work with your organization to custom-tailor a speaking package based on what the group is looking for, relating the dynamic world of the ocean to everyday life, giving people a firsthand account of what it is like to be on the leading edge of what people are capable of accomplishing with a little bit of passion and commitment.

What others have said

“In 2012 I was the organizer of the 33rd annual Anomalous Absorption Conference. The meeting was held in  late July on the North Shore of Oahu. This was an international conference on how lasers interact with ionized gases. Usually 100-150 physicists attend. There was a mixture of university professors and researchers from national laboratories from the U.S.,Japan,and Europe. Some attendees carry out research on how electrons are accelerated,i.e., surf, on what are called plasma waves. Since the meeting was on the North Shore I thought it would be nice to have a "big wave" surfer for the banquet speaker. As luck would have it through a mutual friend, I was able to get Buzzy Kerbox to be our after dinner speaker. Many of the attendees brought their spouses and children to the conference so there were ~200 people at the banquet. Buzzy showed a short video. This was followed by a talk on how he learned to surf, on how and why he started tow-in surfing, and how it feels to catch and surf big waves.  He also graciously answered questions.  I have been told by countless people that Buzzy was the most enjoyable after dinner talk they have ever heard, and I agree with this sentiment.  All those who were there were captivated by Buzzy and inspired by his accomplishments. The question and answer part lasted for nearly an hour. Questions were asked by professors,their spouses, and their children. It was a truly a memorable evening. Sincerely,  Warren Mori   Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Electrical Engineering   University of California at Los Angeles