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Buzzy Kerbox

Kody Kerbox

Kody is the oldest of my three sons. Born and raised on Maui, He has always had a close relationship with the ocean and an active lifestyle.  

Kody is now one of the top athletes on the Naish SUP factory team.  At 19 years old he is on the cutting edge of the SUP explosion, leading the next generation of the progression in ocean sports.

Kody travels the world competing as both a racer and surfer on the Stand Up World Tour and World Series. This tour determines the world title for both disciplines and Kody is always near the top of the leaderboard in each.  His goal is to win the world title in both disciplines in the same year to become the undisputed SUP world champion. 

When not travelling, Kody spends his time on Maui, training and taking visitors on trips along the coast, hopefully giving them some of the best days of their lives on the water.

I have spent a lifetime in the water traveling the world in pursuit of the ultimate freedom and excitement  that comes from riding the best waves on the planet. For over four decades I have remained  in the spotlight as a pro surfer, stand up paddler, tow-in pioneer at Jaws, and as a contract model for Polo by Ralph Lauren.  

I grew up in Kailua on Oahu, taking every chance I could to surf the world-famous breaks on the North Shore such as Pipeline and Sunset Beach. Surfing gave me the oppurtunity  to travel the world many times over from South Africa, Australia, Bali,Tahiti and much more. But If I could pick only one wave to ride for the rest of my life, it would be Backdoor Pipeline 6-8 feet with a NW swell and perfect offshore wind.    

I moved to Maui in 1993 where I raised my three sons.  While on Maui, I was one of the first people to ever get towed into a wave on a jetski.  Along with my partners Laird Hamilton and  Darrick Doerner we developed techniques that created a whole new genre of big-wave surfing. 

Buzzy's accomplishments


  • Seven years on Surfing World Tour
  • Winner of the world cup at Sunset beach
  • Pioneer of tow in surfing


  • Maui to Molokai Race 3x
  • molokai to oahu Race  7x


  • waterworld (stuntman)
  • riding giants (featured athlete)
  • in gods hands (stuntman)